Interim Executive 1991 to Present
    Senior Operations, Sales & Marketing Executive completing contracted assignments in companies in the technology, communications and manufacturing industries. Specialized in leading high technology organizations through fast-track growth, turnaround, reorganization and stabilization.
  • RMH Telecom Consultants……………April 2003 – Present  Established Telcom Consulting Company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Operations focus on Telecom Expense Optimization services. Rapid growth has resulted in RMHTC providing Telecom Expense Optimization services in 125 cities across the U.S. including Toronto and San Juan (see and Operations now include $127,430,000 in telecom expenses under contract. RMHTC also assists selected individuals in establishing their own Telecom Expense Optimization profit centers and has licensed and trained 176 Independent Contractors and 134 Independent Profit Center Affiliates since August 2004.
  • Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants……………Sep 2002 – Feb 2004

    Contracted as Executive Director to develop and deliver a hands on training program to 197 profit centers across the U.S. and Canada. The program was designed to increase sales and reduce the number of Franchisees who were leaving the network. The Mentor Program focused on re-training persons on ‘How to Sell’ Telecom Expense Reduction Services and delivered modules on Strategic Planning, Revenue & Productivity Models, Time Management and hands-on training in Consultative Sales. Developed the curricula, and all support materials, selected and trained the Mentor Team. This fee-based program was then delivered to 119 Profit Centers across North America. The Mentor Team also delivered refresher training seminars on “How to Sell” Telecom Expense Reduction services to all 197 profit centers during quarterly review sessions and at the annual Profit Center meeting.
  • Teletron, Corp, Bloomington, IN……………Nov 2001 – July 2002

    Interim Sr. Vice President. Contracted to restructure Sales and Marketing Operations for the Telecommunications Administration and Expense Reduction service provider. Company was implementing a corporate transition into an e-Commerce/ASP model. Required re-structuring sales organization, adding critical sales and technical support personnel, re-building all sales support materials and implementing a consultative sales process. Initiated first round of sales with Fortune 1,000 target accounts as traditional services were adapted to Web-based, Internet deliverables. Completed restructuring activities and established $118 million pipeline along with initial book of business. Developed due diligence documentation and played critical role in positioning company for second round of financing with targeted VC funding for future expansion.
  • ComputerLogic, Macon, GA……………….Dec. 1999 – Sept 2001

    Interim VP Corporate Development. Directed all aspects of ISP/ASP startup. Division was acquired after 20 months by Fortune 500.Built technical infrastructure, selected and deployed sales/marketing activities.Developed initial $28 million pipeline of business, implementing Pilots in US, Canada and the UK.
    Negotiated contracts with major paint manufacturers, insurance companies and other suppliers for Internet based e-commerce applications.

    Generated $2.7 million in custom software development during the first 14 months along with contracts for transaction-based services valued at $1.7 million/year from B2B, e-Commerce, services.

    Developed Cost and Price models. Prepared Corp Book for interim financing that led to negotiations for the acquisition of the division.

Intek Global Corporation, Kansas City, MO 1998-June,1999

  • Interim President-US Operations. Selected to implement consolidation of three operating divisions into Kansas City while rebuilding infra-structure, sales, new product technology and Market Channel development for this provider of Wireless Voice/Data/GPS Mobile Radio Systems and air-time services.Consolidated operations of 5 subsidiaries and reorganized company. Reversed $28 million loss and delivered first profits in 5 years. Company was acquired for $69 million cash.Annual Revenues of $38 million from US Operations plus foreign subsidiaries.Negotiated $50 million contract with Rural Electric Industry to provide mobile radio and data systems, in addition to restructuring under-producing Cellular Operating Sites across the US.

    Transitioned manufacturing operations from the UK to the US and initiated next generation of VHF Products for Beta Testing in the US Market.

    Restructured Sales and Marketing Organization while delivering new suite of support services.

    Established Customer Service Organization, established 7/24 Network Control Center for managing over 200 remote sites for quality control and network efficiency.

    Added new CFO and worked with Bear Stearns on Corporatevaluation and financial forecasts.

    Restructured Field Engineering Organization. Cost reduction plan resulted in $5.25 million reduction in annualized Operations Overhead. Out-sourced Manufacturing reducing Cost of Goods Manufactured by -38%.

    Reversed substantial operating loss.  Share holder value increased from $1.10/share to $3.01/share

    Delivered new patented technology.

Prior Experience: 6/1/1965 to 4/1/1998

  • Company Name: ADE Software
    Title: Interim VP/General Manager
    Start Date: 6/1/96
    End Date: 4/1/98
    Functional Area: Information Technology/Software
    Function: Software/Lan for Defect Classification
    Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
    Sub-Industry: Custom Computer Programming
    Company Size: Under $10 million
    Employees: 30
  • Company Name: Beechwood Data
    Title: Interim COO
    Start Date: 5/1/94
    End Date: 4/1/96
    Functional Area: Information Technology
    Function: Software Development
    People Reporting: 31+
    Industry: Telecommunications
    Sub-Industry: Internet/online support
    Company Size: $50 million
    Employees: 240
  • Company Name: PAVCO
    Title: Interim VP/COO
    Start Date: 12/1/92
    End Date: 3/1/94
    Functional Area: Executive/General Management
    Function: Manufacturing Holding Company
    Industry: Holding Company Mgmt Svcs
    Sub-Industry: Wood Products, Printing, Engineering Services, Real Estate
    Company Size: $25 million
    Employees: 300
  • Company Name: Key Communications
    Title: Interim Sr. VP Sales/Mktg.
    Start Date: 11/1/91
    End Date: 11/1/92
    Functional Area: Communications Equipment Manufacturing
    Industry: High-Tech Industries
    Sub-Industry: Printers, Modems, Cables
    Company Size: $25 million
    Employees: 140
  • Company Name: COMPUCOM
    Title: President/CEO
    Start Date: 4/1/87
    End Date: 9/1/91
    Functional Area: Information Technology
    Function: Software, Computer Service Bureau, Consulting/Engineering Services, Telecommunications
    Sub-Industry: Long Distance, Telecommunications, software
    Company Size: Under $20 million
    Employees: 60
  • Company Name: Delta Systems
    Title: President/CEO
    Equivalent Level: Executive
    Start Date: 6/1/85
    End Date: 5/1/87
    Functional Area: Manufacturing
    Function: High Temperature Insulations
    Industry: High-Tech Industries
    Company Size: Under $10 Million
  • Company Name: AT&T
    Title: Regional Director
    Equivalent Level: AVP/General Manager
    Start Date: 6/1/65
    End Date: 4/1/85
    Functional Area: Operations & Sales Management
    Function: Consultative Sales, Complex Telecommunications and Data Systems
    Industry: Telecommunications
    Company Size: Sales $189 million/year
    Employees: 1,100