Available under contract as Interim Executive or for long term assignment. Seeking high technology/information technology company that requires a change agent due to out of control growth, revenue/profit shortfall, failure to adapt to new technology, or other variables that are forcing the organization to assess its status quo.

As a change agent areas of experience include:

  • Operations Performance and Reward/Recognition
  • Adaptation to new technology: Telecommunications, LAN/WAN, E-Commerce
  • New Product Delivery
  • Process Methodology/Complex Project Management
  • Build or Re-Build Technical Infrastructure, Sales/Marketing Organization, Operations Teams

While bringing Team Focus on:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget/Forecast Preparation and Accountability
  • Cost/Operations Analysis
  • Managing to the Numbers
  • Effective Change Management
  • Hard Reality Checks on Goal Attainment Through:
  • Top Line Revenue Growth
  • Reduction in Costs of Sales, G&A Expenses
  • Increasing Operating Income/EBITDA
  • Increasing Share Holder Value

Leading to:

  • Improved Operations Performance Results
  • Potential Venture Capital Infusion
  • Pre-IPO Workup to IPO
  • Negotiation and preparation to sell company and transition to new parent
  • Acquisition Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Negotiating Major Contracts, License Agreements, Third Party/OEM Agreements
  • Domestic and International Business Development
  • Out Placement Strategy and Implementation
  • Able to integrate several critical disciplines into the Sales, Finance, and Operations process.

Skills could be utilized to run a company, head up operations, or run a fast paced sales/marketing organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my background. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your client’s requirements and how I can be of service.

Robert Hardy